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Water Quality Testing Laboratory in India

Water is a very important raw material in almost all industries. Therefore there arises a need for water quality testing before using it in any way. This is mainly because if the quality of water is not up to the mark than it will degrade the whole product as well. Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Analytical Lab) offers a varied range of water testing services in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, as well as to the clients from different parts of India and the world. All of these water tests are completed with full professionalism and accurate results. Our water testing services include::-

  • Packaged Drinking water analysis as per IS 14543
  • Packaged natural mineral water testing as per IS 13428
  • Drinking water testing as per IS 10500
  • Testing of food processing water as per FSSR
  • Swimming pool water analysis as per IS 3328.


Why Choose Ozone Analytical Lab for Water Testing Services?

The experts at Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd. certified water testing lab have a thorough knowledge of analytical water testing which helps them to run the tests with complete precision and land onto accurate results. Ozone testing laboratory is fully equipped with the latest scientific equipment and instruments required for water quality analysis. The results rendered by Ozone Testing Lab can be relied upon as it is a certified lab in India.

water testing lab in gurgaon
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OZONE Pharmaceutical Ltd. (Analytical lab) Approved by –

BIS Approved lab
Minstry of Env. & Forests Govt
WHO approved lab
Drugs & Cosmetics Act Approved Lab

Our Sophisticated Instruments


Testing Instrument GCMS-MS

GC-HS with FID

Instrument Used GC-HS with FID

F.T.I.R. Eary – 630

Testing Instrument F.T.I.R. Eary – 630


Testing equipment ICP-MS

Atomic Absorption

Atomic Absorption
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