Stability Testing

Stability Testing Lab:-

The stability test is a test undertaken to check the quality of a drug-related product or substance over a period of time and also under the influence of several environmental factors like light, humidity, temperature, etc.

Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Analytical Lab) in Gurgaon offers stability sample testing and storage facility to help determine the shelf life of products in Delhi NCR as well as at pan India level. Some reasons why stability study is conducted are mentioned below:

  • Introduction of a new product and new process.
  • Change in the manufacturing process or critical process parameters
  • Change in critical equipment of the manufacturing process
  • Change in facility/Location
  • Reprocessing for the first time
  • Change in packing material
  • Change in a storage condition


Why Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Analytical Lab) for Stability Testing?

Ozone Pharmaceutical Stability testing lab uses several analytical techniques to determine the shelf life of different products. Extensive tests are undertaken to render results for stability testing of pharmaceutical & other products. The team works round the clock to ensure the accuracy of tests.

Ozone Testing Lab has its own chambers placed at its plant where analysis is done by placing the samples under varied conditions. The lab is fully equipped with sophisticated instruments required to conduct the studies. The facility is open for in house and external products also. Studies are carried out according to the defined stability program in the long term, intermediate condition (if applicable) and accelerated condition at a particular temperature and humidity.

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Our Sophisticated Instruments


Testing Instrument GCMS-MS

GC-HS with FID

Instrument Used GC-HS with FID

F.T.I.R. Eary – 630

Testing Instrument F.T.I.R. Eary – 630


Testing equipment ICP-MS

Atomic Absorption

Atomic Absorption
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